Sunday, July 16, 2006


This man sacrificed his life, unconditionally, for a large number of people who mocked, hated and doubted him -- so that "they" would experience a life of freedom and joy.

Today, we may sacrifice our morning tee time to partake in a neighborly deed. Not only do we view such an inconvenience as sacrificial, but we attach strings to it and strike another notch in our cross. After all, isn't life all about "us"? What's in it for us?


AnastasiaC said...

great drawing.

JO said...

Wow, poignant, and beautifully drawn.

michael dailey said...

nope if u listen to that man life is about serving others and sacrificing self everyday or if u like listening to the other guy then yeh ur rite is all about MEEEEEEE!!!!! beautiful illo

smoen said...

Great illo, I love the line work and somber mood. Great job!